Welcome to this Sacred Space.  My name is Marge Corbett Lavenburg and I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl.  Family and Friends have encouraged me to  to share these poems and so this place is where I am beginning.  Thank you for sharing some of your day with me, I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

Peace & Love,




Hope is a Verb

These 3, Faith, Hope and Love….virtues we possess……..

But what if we saw Hope as a verb as an action we take,

when our souls and our spirits are fully awake.?

When the state of our world shakes us to our deepest core, as we feel hatred rising as never before.

When division is sown instead of goodwill, and despair overcomes us, planting seeds that will kill all the love that was nurtured a lifetime ago.

And instead of trust, suspicion starts to grow

And the lies that were planted in hearts full of need now root in the soil of insatiable greed.

Our freedoms are trampled and left to die and the rich just get richer, and the poor just get by.

But what has this to do with you and with me? Is this truly how we want or world to be ?

If the answer is No, and we have a dream, we are not as powerless as it may seem.

For each of us carries the spark of the Divine, and Hope is a gift to strengthen our minds.

To give us the power to work and to pray…….for a change is coming…we await that new day with……. Hope !!

Love and peace, Marge

The Floods of August

Life is like a river, flowing onward to the sea.

At times a gentle passage, at others, wild and free.

At flood a force of Nature destroying all within its path.

No boundaries to contain it, no answer to its wrath.

As we pick up the pieces of our lives after the storm,

we pray and mourn our losses , though the words are hard to form.

The deaths and the chaos will give way to numbing pain.

Our lives will be forever changed,

but the memories will remain.

Love and peace to you, Marge

Life is a Mystery

Life is a mystery drawing us in

Longing to be revealed.

Slowly, as we live each day,

there’s less and less concealed.

And everything we come upon by chance

provides a clue, to guide our steps direction

to see the world anew.

And so transcend the mists of time and space

with apprehension, leaving behind

who we thought we were,leaving behind


We find, at last ourself , so true

that mystery, alive inside of you.

Love and Peace, Marge


In this life suffering is inevitable.

Happiness a choice.

We see the suffering all around us.

We can be for them a voice.

And in our speaking to the silent

echo words of love and care.

How we are one family, every people everywhere.

And so the words do not ring hollow

act to make the words come true.

Love begets action to follow

in reflection of what we do.

To those who tell us it is hopeless

bound up in their web of fear,

we respond that love will conquer

as we draw Divine Love near.

By reaching out to one another

making our intentions clear.

Dignity for all Gods’ people… peace may come.

Sad………it’s not yet here.

Love and peace, Marge

I wrote this today The Other Side of Hope

While all the world is grieving
struggling, to keep believing,
Asking silently ;
What does life look like, on
the other side of hope?
Through this anguish and this pain
the basic facts remain.
We will be who we are, and
it will show.
Our lives will be changed.
All our plans rearranged ,
as we lose our hold on control.
So, we pray everyday
to be healed, find our way
back to something, we cannot name.
For the world that we know
is destined to go…..
And what follows…
will never be the same.

Seed of Peace

I am but a small seed of peace,

in this world.

As all of us can be.

Recall the lowly acorn

becomes a mighty tree.

And, as we nourish it within our hearts,

that seed of peace will grow.

As one by one we share our seed,

that all the world may know……

The love and joy that Peace proclaims

to set the captive free.

And in the end, we realize

the captive is you and me.

I dedicate this to my Mom , Vera Corbett on the 27th anniversary of her going home. She was a woman of peace. Marge

The Promise

In the haze of misty morning,

long before the dawn appears,

from my sleepless bed I wander

giving into all my fears.

In lonely darkness, ever present

pain my only company.

But at last, my heart remembers

Jesus love will set me free.

Never, will He ever leave me

all alone to face my foe.

As He promised, ever faithful

close to me where ‘ere I go.

God’s Peace

My mind is beset by a thousand things,

that simply living each day brings.

And, in the midst of chaos still

my heart desires to do Your will.

Lord quiet my mind and bring Your peace

so all my cares and worries cease.

That I may feel the love You bear

for all your people, everywhere.

Love and Peace, Marge

A Prayer

Lord, in You, I rest secure,

For You are that open door.

Your heart that bids me “Come abide”

the love that draws me to Your side.

All my dreams are in Your hand,

my soul responds to Your command.

And every breath I’m blessed to take

in darkest night or at daybreak,

repeats a prayer for Your namesake.

“Have mercy, Lord . Be merciful to

Your creation , to all people of every Nation.

Deliver us from want and fear .

Draw us in and hold us near,

that we may feel the love You send.

Now and forever world without end.”


We are all God’s children. Marge

A Love So Deep

In times of sorrow, in times of grief ,

I am upheld by my belief

that God , who loves ,

hears every prayer

from heart to lips uttered everywhere.

In every time, in every place

embracing all the human race.

A love so deep, so real, so sure

a love that lasts forevermore….

Will fill our souls so we endure

whatever comes our way.

Peace and love, Marge